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Flexible Duct


Moradon Flexible Aluminum ducting is made of a heavy duty aluminum foil laminate bonded with a hight quality adhesive and reinforced with a hugh carbon corrosion proof spring wire. Designed with only 1” (approximaterly 25 mm) between the wires. The duct is fully flexible, compressible  and extendable air duct. In addition to its flexible nature, the need for elbows is eliminated, allowing for ease of installation difficult to reach area. It cuts easily with knife and snips Moradon Flexible Aluminum duct comes in two series. Flexible Single (FS-Series) which are made up of one layer of PET aluminum laminate whereas Flexible Double (FD-Series) is made up of two ply multi-layered PET alluminum laminate makes it more durable. This ducting system is more popular because it is easy to install and more economical

Advantages of Flexible duct :

  • Easy to install
  • Can be bent into any configuration
  • Easy to ship



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